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About SEEA

About SEEA


During the “1st Congress of Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina” in Sarajevo October 3rd, the second meeting of the coordination committee of SEEAN was held. At the meeting the need for the institutionalization of the network was recognized. With the agreement of all participants, ”to preserve ideas and the spirit of Porec – Piran conference and to ensure continuity of cooperation” the South Eastern European and Adriatic Addiction Treatment Network (SEEAN) was born.

The Network is an informal organization of experts on addiction treatment and harm reduction from the countries all over South Eastern Europe and Adriatic coast. Each country gives 3-5 representatives. The number of countries is not limited. Till now in the Network participate: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia and Montenegro. The Network has a president, co-president and coordinator. The first president is from Croatia and co-president from Slovenia. Technical support for the Network will be provided by The Sound of Reflection Foundation from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

SEEAN is “home grown” and not organised by some other international body or organization. That’s is why it is intrinsic motivated and not burdened by expectations from outside. The Network is based on professional connections and friendship, rather than politically determinated. These are the arguments that allow us to believe that “SEE Adriatic Addiction Treatment Network” will play an important role in the creation of new strategies and approaches in drug addiction treatment and drug abuse suppression in the region.

SEEA Board



  • Daniela Alexieva (Bulgaria)
  • Argyris Argyriou (Cyprus)
  • Sunčica Arsovska (Macedonia)
  • Snezana Alzac (Serbia)
  • Verica Arsenijevic (Serbia)
  • Miodrag Andjelkovic (Serbia)
  • Safet Blakaj (Kosovo)
  • Zane Branson (Serbia)
  • Marija Cahunek Zunec (Croatia)
  • Ismet Ceric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Jasna Cuk Rupnik (Slovenia)
  • Diakogiannis Yoannis (Greece)
  • Aleksandra Dickov (Serbia)
  • Ivan Dimitrijevic (Serbia)
  • Goran Dubajic (Slovenia)
  • Vito Flaker (Slovenia)
  • Ivan Juric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Mojca Hvala Cerkovnik (Slovenia)
  • Slavica Gajdazis Knezevic (Macedonia)
  • Maria Georgescu (Romania)
  • Hajrudin Hasesic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Catalina Iliuta (Romania)
  • Ankica Ivanovic (Montenegro)
  • Minja Jovanovic (Serbia)
  • Besnik Juca (Albania)
  • Euangelos Kafetzopoulos (Greece)
  • Aleksander Kantchelov (Bulgaria)
  • Livio Kosina (Slovenia)
  • Mira Kovacevic (Serbia)
  • Vjekoslav Kovacevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Marina Kuzman (Croatia)
  • Philip Lazarov (Cyprus)
  • Evita Leskovsek (Slovenia)
  • Katarina Mitic (Serbia)
  • Tatjana Maglov (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Tanja Mandic (Montenegro)
  • Icro Maremmani (Italy)
  • Mojca Maticic (Slovenia)
  • Dragan Milkov (Serbia)
  • Katarina Mitic (Serbia)
  • Borislav Mitric (Montenegro)
  • Genci Mucollari (Albania)
  • Milena Naydenova (Bulgaria)
  • Mirjana Orban (Croatia)
  • Tijana Pavicevic (Montenegro)
  • Altina Peshkatari (Albania)
  • Marija Petrovic (Serbia)
  • Flavio Poldrugo (Italy)
  • Marina Roganovic (Montenegro)
  • Jasmin Softic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Slavko Sakoman (Croatia)
  • Bernardo Spazzapan (Italy)
  • Milena Stankovic (Serbia)
  • Nora Stojanovik (Macedonia)
  • Hrvoje Tiljak (Croatia)
  • Georgi Vasilev (Bulgaria)
  • Nikola Vuckovic (Serbia)
  • Olivera Vulic (Montenegro)
  • Janja Zver (Slovenia)